Now you can take your dream vacation.

Travel Planning

Have you been searching for a cheap vacation, checking out vacation deals, on-line, looking for vacation destinations? Is nothing you’ve seen, quite fit your budget? One of our vacation packages will surely fill your needs. Is that dream vacation out of the question? We think it can now be a reality!

Our Philosophy

GB Global Industries believes in offering our customers the lowest prices in the industry, on travel planning services and travel related services, without sacrificing quality. Our Coastal Vacations travel packages offer life-time ownership and life-time use, without sacrificing quality or service. They make travel planning so simple.


Wow! On the date of this survey, there was 939 Condo resorts, world-wide availble for a one-week rental, for $300 USD. or less.

Lets see some examples, from our members?

*Amy from Missouri stayed at a four star resort in Montana with car rental and air fair for her and her family for $3800. a well known online agency quoted $6900.

*Cristina and Lawrence spent a week in Orlando at a 4 star resort for $199.00.

*Gary, from Florida, saved $1,469.00 at a five star resort in Orlando for an 8 day stay. This resort was not available through three different on-line agencies. (pictures below).

One week stay at this 5 star resort, just $219 total price.

*Mary Lynn, from Florida stayed, a week, in a five star, three bedroom resort, in Orlando, Florida for $219.00.

*These four stories are typical of savings incurred by many Coastal vacations package owners, around the globe. Will you have the next travel package savings, to brag about? We hope so!

Why pay retail prices for a condominium resort stay, when with your  Coastal Vacations lifetime use travel package, you could travel at wholesale prices for the rest of your life?

What are some advantages of the Coastal Vacations Travel package?
The Coastal Vacations travel packages offer discounts, thru it’s 27 discount cards on cruises, golf, camping, skiing, amusement parks,  auto rental, fine dinning, and much, much more.

Other advantages of the Coastal Vacations travel package include, never expires, can be passed on to aires, individual vacations can be gifted to friends, relatives, business associates, and charities. Perfect business incentive!

Over 400,000 packages have been sold in the past 25 years!

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