Ray-Ban, The Most Legendary Sunglasses.

Ray-Ban, Classic Aviator Style Glasses, with metal rims and Ray-Ban logo on lens.

What are Ray-Bans?

Ray-ban is the brand name of a particular brand of sunglasses and eyewear. It was developed by the American Company, Bausch n Lomb. Most famous for it’s “Aviator” and “Wayfarer” lines of Sunglasses. The Movie “Top Gun” featured actor Tom Cruise, wearing aviator style Ray Ban sunglasses and the aviator style immediately became a classic.

Aviator Classic

Did you know the  Ray-Ban “Aviator Classic,” with its distintive wire rim and metal frame, comes in four different lens colors, polarized and non-polarized.

Gold frame/ Green classic G-15 lens
Gunmetal frame/ Green classic G-15 lens
Gold Frame/ Brown Classic B-15 lens
Black Frame/ Green Classic G-15 frame

Solid colors, genuine since 1937, the classic G-15 was originally developed for military use, offers a high level of clarity, comfort and protection.
Light conditions: Low light, Medium light, and Sunny.

What are the benefits of green lens?

By absorbing 85% of visible light and blocking out most of the blue light, green lenses provide remarkable color contrast. G-15 green lenses ensure better clarity of vision and a more “natural vision”.

Why polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses drastically reduce the brightness of shinny  objects, such as chrome, increasing clarity and reducing eye strain. It was in 1929 when a US Army Air Corps Colonel,  Edwin Lund, began working with Bauch n Lomb Company to develop polarized eyewear for aviators, flying at high altitudes, to reduce eye strain from the bright sun at those altitudes. This Colonel later formed the Polaroid Corporation.

A form of sunglasses date back to Roman times when the Empurer would put colored stones in his eyes to reduce the glare, while watching events in the colesium.

A collection of Ray-Bans

Keeping up with the latest trends while maintaining the Large standard of quality, is Ray Ban’s specialty.


There are many similar styles and brands out there, on the market.  You will know they are the real thing if the lens has the Ray-Ban logo on them. Look for the logo, to be sure you are buying the real thing.

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