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What is the best type of rechargeable battery?

For the most part, the best battery depends upon it’s use, how much physical space you have, what is the battery’s weight, and it’ts electrical charicteristics. The 5 most common rechargible batteries are:
*The Nickel Cadmium (NICD) Battery
Main applications are two-way radios and biomedical equipment
*The Nickel-metalHydride (NIMH) battery
Used in mobile phones
*The Lead Acid Battery
The preferred battery for hospital equipment, wheelchairs and emergency lighting.
*The Lithium Ion Battery
Used in notebook computers and cellular phones.
*The Lithium Polymer Battery
Mainly used in mobile phones

The Alkaline battery (commonly used in flashlights,) is not rechargeable.

Since all batteries are hard on the enviroment, they need to be disposed of properly.

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